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Welcome to TEFLTech

TEFLTech is here to help advance the use of technology in the EFL classroom.



We specialise in helping English as a Foreign Language teaching organisations exploit new technologies. Because we specialise in this area and have a wealth of teaching experience in the EFL classroom, we are able to give practical, relevant advice and training on how to best use new technologies to aid learning.


Why Tech?

Technology is progressing day by day, affecting every part of the modern EFL department. Because of this rapid development, it is impossible to keep track of how technology can be best applied in the classroom. Highly motivating and effective when used in the right way, not only do teachers need technology, students demand it.


Why TEFLTech?

We bridge the gap between EFL and technology. By having a wealth of experience in both areas, we are able to give unparallelled advice and training to teachers, teacher trainers and school directors.


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